EP 008 | Zim Ugochukwu – Part 1: How to Travel the World for Cheap for a Living


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Be prepared to learn:

– How she traveled from California to Brazil for $60
– How she grew TravelNoire.com to 100 travel writing contributors and 30,000 aspiring and inspiring travel hackers.
– How she’s working with large brands like Black Enterprise.

Show Notes

Want to revisit a part of the interview that caught your attention? Here are the time stamps and show notes!
3:20 – Zim tells us about the life changing experience she had in January of 2012
5:00 – How Zim came upon the opportunity to experience India by living on a train for weeks
6:36 – Zim talks Travel Noire and what inspired her to start the TN community
10:00 – Zim talks about her roots, growing up in Minnesota, and how her trip to see her father in Nigeria changed everything
12:00 – How Travel Noire has grown at such an incredible rate
15:43 – How Zim was able to find over 100 curators to contribute to the TN website
17:50 – How Zim’s Google Hangouts and Travel Challenges help grow Travel Noire
25:14 – Zim’s been to about 25 different countries and here she reveals her favorite.
28:00 – How Zim gets insanely cheap fights and her recommendations for accommodations on a budget
33:33 – Zim dives into The Moolah Scoop and talks about her earnings with Travel Noire
36:06 Zim gives her advice on how to get your boss to allow you to work from home so you can give more time your side projects

Links and Resources

Zim Ugochukwu’s community, Travel Noire: http://travelnoire.com/
Zim’s personal website: http://zimism.com/

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