EP 006 | Tamara Floyd – Part 1: How to earn a full-time income as a blogger


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Is it possible to earn a full-time income as a blogger? How much money are natural hair bloggers really earning? Tamara, Founder of Natural Hair Rules !!! breaks it allll the way down for us.

Be prepared to learn:

– How much money she’s earning annually from her Natural Hair Rules blog—from affiliates, sponsors, and other sources
– How she acquired 519,000 Likes on her Facebook Page
– How to make money as a natural hair blogger, get sponsors, and land press for your site

Show Notes

Want to revisit a part of the interview that caught your attention? Here are the time stamps and show notes!

3:05 – How the Natural Hair Rules Blog got started
4:00 – Tamara’s Ah-Ha Moment!
6:35 – How the natural hair niche is different from other niches out there
7:00 – How having a child changed Tamara’s motivation
8:42 – Tamara’s previous work in PR and her company Floyd and Associates.
11:45 – Tamara describes her experience with “the client from hell”
15:00 – Where Tamara found her frustration with blogging when first starting out
16:00 – What makes natural hair rules different from other blogs out there and her “secret sauce.”
19:00 – How Tamara grew her Facebook page to 520,000 likes at the time of recording and continues to build engagement
22:30 – How Tamara found her virtual assistant and what tasks Tamara has her do
30:00 – The 2 things Tamara believes a new blogger must do to grow their facebook following
33:00 – Tamara breaks down the traffic she’s seeing to her site and what she would have done differently in the beginning knowing what she knows now.
35:00 – The one thing Tamara did that truly helped her reach 1 million views and an immediate increase in traffic.
38:00 – Tamara recommends her top SEO plugins
38:50 – Tamara talks about how motherhood changes her brand and business
46:00 – Tamara talks about her schedule and what a typical day is like
53:00 – Tamara dives into The Moolah Scoop and reveals how much she’s earning with Natural Hair Rules! and her various sources of income
57:00 – Tamara describes how she makes $6,000 per month from ad revenue alone.
1:00:00 – Tamara shares the biggest expenses she has within her business
1:06:00 – How Tamara’s audience pushed her to create a T-Shirt Store
1:07:00 – What Tamara’s looking to accomplish next

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