Ep 002 | Ari Fitz – Part 1: Ari Fitz: How to grow a Personal Brand that leads to YouTube and Modeling Success


You may know Arielle Patrice Scott, or shall we say Ari Fitz, from MTV’s Real World EXplosion. (You may be thinking: People still watch Real World?? They do. And they loooove Ms. Ari.)

In this episode, Ari tells us:

– How she built a fascinating personal brand that got her cast on the quintessential reality TV show
– How she grew her YouTube channel to over 12,000 subscribers in just 4 months—maximizing smart content creation and collaborations
– How it’s possible to make $2,000/month modeling for print and the runway

Show Notes

Want to revisit a part of the interview that caught your attention? Here are the time stamps and show notes!

5:20 – Ari tells us about the beginning of her journey and her 3 major Brand New moments
13:40 – Ari tells the story of how she landed her role on Real World.. and how she did it all as a joke!
34:35 – Ari gets into the Moolah Scoop and lets us know how much she’s earning through her various ventures

Links and Resources:

Ari Fitz’s Website: http://www.arifitz.com/

Connect with Ari here:
– http://instagram.com/itsarifitz
– http://twitter.com/itsarifitz/
– https://vimeo.com/itsarifitz
– https://soundcloud.com/ari-fitz

Ari Fitz’s YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/itsarifitz/
Ari’s Video Series, The Rando: http://www.arifitz.com/gallery/therando/
Ari’s Video Series, Tomboyish: http://www.arifitz.com/gallery/tomboyish/
Real World Website: http://www.mtv.com/shows/real_world_explosion/

Listen To This Episode Here: