Ep 003 | Ari Fitz – Part 2: How to build a Personal Brand that gets you cast on a Reality Show


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In Part 1 of our interview with Ari Fitz, we learned: how she built a fascinating personal brand that got her cast on MTV Real World, how she grew her YouTube channel to over 12,000 subscribers in just 4 months, and how it’s possible to make $2,000/month modeling for print and the runway.

In Part 2, we posed the following to Ari: It’s clear that your distinct personal brand gave you the edge when getting casted for MTV’s Real World EXplosion. What steps have you taken to develop your brand?

Ari also answered the following:

  • – How would you describe your personal brand?
  • – What steps did you take to develop your personal brand?
  • – So, as you were building your personal brand, it sounds like you were figuring it out as you went along. Now that you’ve gone through the process, how would you advise someone just starting to build their personal brand to go about it?
  • – Is there someone out there that has a personal brand you find fascinating or intriguing?


Show Notes

Want to revisit a part of the interview that caught your attention? Here are the time stamps and show notes!

02:12 – Ari describes her personal brand and her love/hate relationship with personal branding in general

02:57 – What happened the moment Ari stopped trying to brand herself.

07:10 – Ari answers… On Real World was there a conscious decision to dress more feminine or more androgynous while being filmed?

10:09 – How it upset Ari to lose control of her brand on the show

12:50 – What steps Ari took to develop her personal brand (besides letting #Jesustakethewheel)

17:40 – How Ari involves her audience in what she decides to create

18:15 – The moment Ari knew she had a personal brand

21:00 – Ari answers… Who are “The Misfitz?”

24:07 – How the Misfitz community came to be

29:34 – Ari discusses her YouTube channel and the various video series she creates

35:24 – Ari answers… What steps would you advise someone who is just starting to create their own personal brand?

40:15 – Ari talks about her love for Pharrell’s personal brand and what we can learn from it.

42:25 – Why Issa Rae’s YouTube channel is inspiring

44:12 – We all discuss Pharrell’s famous hat

Links and Resources

Ari Fitz’s Website: http://www.arifitz.com/

Connect with Ari here:
– http://instagram.com/itsarifitz
– http://twitter.com/itsarifitz/
– https://vimeo.com/itsarifitz
– https://soundcloud.com/ari-fitz

Ari Fitz’s YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/itsarifitz/
Ari’s Video Series, The Rando: http://www.arifitz.com/gallery/therando/
Ari’s Video Series, Tomboyish: http://www.arifitz.com/gallery/tomboyish/
Real World Website: http://www.mtv.com/shows/real_world_explosion/

Issa Rae’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/actingrl112

Pharrell’s I Am Other Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/iamOTHER

Listen To This Episode Here: